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  Exploration Dome
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Imagine navigating through the brain as part of a virtual voyage through the human body, living through an ice age after a mass extinction event, navigating the deep ocean, or experiencing a rocket launch as you travel to space as an astronaut! It’s HERE at the Science Factory! That’s right, the Science Factory Exploration Dome delivers truly immersive virtual adventures that engage all the senses, making it a highly rewarding and powerful educational experience.

Dome Shows JUNE 28 - SEPTEMBER 30, 2010

Star Gazing

Saturday and Sunday: 11 am, 12:30 pm, 2:30 pm

DOME SHOW OF THE WEEK, Monday - Friday at 1 pm
July 19 - 23 & August 16 - 20

This 20-minute show is a wonderful primer on the summer night sky. Learn how to identify stars and planets, and point them out to your friends!


DOME SHOW OF THE WEEK, Monday - Friday at 1 pm
July 5 - 9 & August 2 -6

Astronaut, takes you from earth into outer space, and beyond. What does it take to become an astronaut? Immersed with “Chad,” a test astronaut, you too will experience every challenge space has to throw at him, from floating around the International Space Station to maneuvering through microscopic regions of the human body. Presented in stunning high-definition 360-degree full dome video and explosive surround sound, Astronaut takes you out of this world! Astronaut is a production of the National Space Center, distributed by SkyScan, Inc.

Two Small Pieces of Glass

Saturday and Sunday: 11:30 am, 2 pm

DOME SHOW OF THE WEEK, Monday - Friday at 1 pm
June 28 - July 2, July 26 - 30 & August 23 - 31

When Galileo turned his telescope toward the heavens in 1609, he revolutionized the science of astronomy. Although his telescope was primitive by today's standards and consisted of a metal tube holding two glass lenses, that telescope allowed Galileo to discover the craters on the Moon, the four largest moons orbiting Jupiter, and even Saturn's rings. Since that time, better telescopes have been constructed, allowing for the discovery of the planets Uranus and Neptune and finally, dwarf planet Pluto, as well as a whole host of other denizens within our solar system. Telescopes such as the Hubble Space Telescope have greatly expanded our knowledge of the universe in ways that Galileo could never have imagined, but all telescopes in use today owe a debt to the first telescope and its two small pieces of glass.


Saturday and Sunday: 3 pm

DOME SHOW OF THE WEEK, Monday - Friday at 1 pm
July 12 - 16 & August 9 - 13

Planets of the Solar System: This short program introduces us to the planets that we can see with the unaided eye, demonstrates how planets rotate and orbit the sun, and finishes with a brief tour of all the planets in our solar system.

Moon Dreams: In this 12-minute program, we'll learn about the origin of the Moon and its effect on the oceans and life on Earth. We'll also revisit the Apollo moon landings, explore humanity's future plans for the Moon, and learn about some of the many other moons in our solar system.

Tonight's Sky

Saturday and Sunday: 1 pm

This 40-minute show is a live interactive presentation of the stars, constellations and planets and other astronomical delights visible in the sky on the specific night of the show. Audience members will be invited to ask questions in this more in-depth exploration of the winter night sky specific to the day in Oregon. Find out all about tonight’s sky from an expert!

Sue Peterson is the Planetarium Director at the Science Factory. 

Exploration Dome Show Scheduler
Monday - Friday public shows:

1 pm
Saturday - Sunday public shows:
(all shows are prerecorded unless otherwise noted)

11 am
Seasonal Star Gazing: Summer (20 min.) *

11:30 am
Two Small Pieces of Glass **

12:30 pm Seasonal Star Gazing:
Summer (20 min.) *

1 pm
Tonight’s Sky (45 min.)
(live tour of the night sky) **

2 pm
Two Small Pieces of Glass **

2:30 pm
Seasonal Star Gazing: Summer (20 min.) *

3 pm
Double Feature: Planets of the Solar System & Moon Dreams (30 min.) **

* Seasonal Star show admission: free for members and children under $3. Non-members: $4.

** Science Factory live shows and full-dome movies are $2 for members, $4 for non-members.

All Planetarium shows start on time, so please allow for an early arrival to ensure that you are allowed into the presentation. Doors cannot be opened to allow for late arrivals, due to safety and darkness concerns.

(Directly next to Autzen Football Stadium)
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The Science Factory is a charitable non-profit organization, federal tax ID: 93-0688763.