2nd Annual Punkin' Chunkin' Contest

November 3, 2014 -
12:00am to 3:00am

We are pleased to announce the second annual Eugene Punkin’ Chunkin’ competition! The competition is put together by Eugene Maker Space and hosted by Science Factory.   Everyone is free to enter the competition. If you would like to sign up to compete, please email Rick@RichardOsgood.com with your team name and the names of your team members. Also include which class you intend to compete in.



This year we will have two classes of chunker. The first class is the “Pumpkin class”. The rules will be the same as last year and are posted below. The second class is the “Apple class”. This class is specifically for smaller machines that will throw apples instead of pumpkins. The intent with the Apple class is to lower the barrier to entry and allow people to particpate while building smaller, less expensive, and less dangerous machines.



No compressed air/compressed gas devices
No explosives.
Teams must release all energy from their launchers until it is their turn.



~You may sign up as an individual or as a team.
~Machines must not cross the firing line.
~Machines must be ready to fire within 5 minutes.
~Each team will get three launches.
~If a team loses a projectile after launch they may get an one extra try if the team has a backup projectile ready to go.
~Teams provide their own pumpkins.
~Projectiles must remain intact until they hit the ground.
~Projectiles cannot be modified (except for painting).
~Teams may paint their projectiles for decoration.
~Teams may enter the exact same chunker from a previous competition if they so desire.
~Team members may be a part of multiple teams if all teams are OK with it.



Pumpkin Class Pumpkins must weigh between 1lbs and 5lbs.
Apple Class You can use any apples you like.


To win the competition you just need to chunk your punkin’ farther than the other teams. That’s it! There will be three heats. Whichever team gets the furthest launched pumpkin out of all three heats will be declared the champions.  See all details here: http://eugenemakerspace.com/second-annual-punkin-chunkin-competition/


Member Price: 
Science Factory Children's Museum & Exploration Dome
2300 Leo Harris Parkway

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