Scientifically Speaking Gala with Dr. Guy Crosby

May 6, 2016 -
5:30am to 9:00am

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Are You a "SUPER-TASTER"? Put Your Senses of TASTE and SMELL to the Test with Dr. Guy Crosby, Science Editor of Cook's Illustrated magazine and TV's America's Test Kitchen!


People who are very sensitive to the taste of certain foods are characterized as "super-tasters." Others are tasters or non-tasters. Super-tasters tend to be picky eaters, while non-tasters desire spicy foods.  And tasters tend to like all foods.  Hear Dr. Crosby make the case for "being average" when it comes to taste, and explore the different sources of food flavor! 


Proceeds benefit children's programs at Science Factory and Nearby Nature


We hope you can join us.  Learn more about this year's Gala here.

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