Solar Eclipse Viewing Party

August 21, 2017 -
9:00am to 11:00am

Join us on the morning of Monday, August 21 to watch the Solar Eclipse from the Science Factory front lawn in beautiful Alton Baker Park! Bring your family and friends and your camp chairs or blankets to sit back and enjoy this special celestial show in the sky.


Don't forget your eclipse glasses - you will need them to safely view the entire eclipse in Eugene. Science Factory staff will be offering telescopic views of the partial phases of the eclipse with our safe, solar filters.


We will delay opening the museum until 11 AM on eclipse day to encourage everyone to enjoy the solar eclipse!


The partial phases will begin in Eugene at 9:04 AM and end at 11:37 AM, with maximum eclipse happening at 10:17 AM PDT. In Eugene, this will be seen as a partial eclipse, with 99.3% obscuration at maximum eclipse.


This is event is weather permitting. If it is cloudy, we will not be able to see the eclipse. In the event of cloudy skies, we will bring the party inside and watch a NASA live feed of the total solar eclipse in the planetarium.


Please note that this eclipse will not be total in Eugene. In order to see a total eclipse (when the moon completely blocks the sun from view) you have to be in the "Path of Totality" which is north of Eugene and Springfield. 


See for detailed maps of the path of totality and for other eclipse information. 



Science Factory Front Lawn
2300 Leo Harris Parkway

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